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Shapinglight [userpic]
Noel of Spike 2016
by Shapinglight (shapinglight)
at December 2nd, 2016 (08:24 am)

Hello, everyone. It's that time of year again, and noel_of_spike will be back in business later this month. In fact, it's our tenth anniversary this year.

I'm standing in for sueworld2003, who can't undertake her usual admin role for health reasons, but she is still involved behind the scenes, and we've agreed that noel_of_spike will run for the last two weeks of the month, from December 19th to December 31st.

We're not allocating days to people this year, but instead welcoming any and all contributions - fic, art, vids, meta - on any day, as long as they're Spike-related and vaguely holiday season/Christmas-y.

If you can produce something new, that would be great (we would love and adore it), but links to old favourites are also welcome. The main thing is to have a post (or ideally lots of posts) every day that the comm is open.

So come on, everyone, lets make noel_of_spike's tenth anniversary one to remember.

I will be back on the 18th with a reminder post

sueworld2003 [userpic]
It's a wrap! :D
by sueworld2003 (sueworld2003)
at January 4th, 2016 (07:04 pm)

Sorry for the late posting but I felt I had to officially put a full stop to this years event.

I thank everyone who took the time to take part. There were some superb work posted on here and I hope those who haven't gone through it all will take the time to do so.

This December it will be the tenth anniversary of this community starting up, so prepare for something special. :D

Happy new year folks. :)

Sandy [userpic]
Operation Christmas (2/2)
by Sandy (sandy_s)
at January 2nd, 2016 (09:00 pm)

Cheers: calm

Better late than never, right? Sorry it took so long. The holidays got in the way!!

Operation Christmas, Part TwoCollapse )

gillo [userpic]
Late offering: fic.
by gillo (gillo)
at January 2nd, 2016 (10:52 pm)

I started writing this last year, hoped to finish it for this season, and have only just managed it. Here it is, however, for what it's worth. Pretend it's still just before Christmas, OK?

Rating: PG15 - anything else is entirely in your own mind.
Length: 1,400 words

Little WomanCollapse )

Sorry for the delay. Comments make me very happy.

Ironlily - Making My Marque [userpic]
December 26-31, 2015 – Recap Post 3: The Old and New
by Ironlily - Making My Marque (vikingprincess)
at January 1st, 2016 (02:09 pm)

Happy New Year, everyone, and thanks so much to sueworld2003 for keeping the tradition going, and to all of the posters for making the 2015 season of noel_of_spike a special one!

Enjoy the final recap of the season, and may your worst day in 2016 be better than your best day of 2015!


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sueworld2003 [userpic]
Just a couple more....:)
by sueworld2003 (sueworld2003)
at December 31st, 2015 (11:30 pm)

Just a couple more images that I thought could do with dusting off yet again...:) Read more...Collapse )

Rebcake [userpic]
Fic: When You Wish Upon A Bar (4 of 4)
by Rebcake (rebcake)
at December 31st, 2015 (02:38 pm)

Title: When You Wish Upon A Bar (4 of 4)
Author: Rebcake
Rating: PG13
Word count: 2125
Characters: Spike/Buffy, Dawn, D'Hoffryn
Setting: BtVS Season 6, after Wrecked, but before Older and Far Away. Also after AtS S3 The Vision Thing.
Summary: Spike isn’t getting what he really wants out of his secret “relationship” with Buffy, though things could be worse. Just his luck, D’Hoffryn has decided to celebrate Gurnenthar's Ascendance on the Hellmouth after a romantic disappointment of his own.

The long-awaited, or perhaps long-forgotten, conclusion!

Part 1 here / Part 2 here / Part 3 here

A cuckoo in the Christmas tree...Collapse )

sueworld2003 [userpic]
'Seasons Greetings'
by sueworld2003 (sueworld2003)
at December 31st, 2015 (09:25 pm)

Yet another ancient oldie I'm afraid...*g*(worksafe) Read more...Collapse )

sueworld2003 [userpic]
'The look'
by sueworld2003 (sueworld2003)
at December 31st, 2015 (04:27 pm)

Thought I'd post a few more oldies before the end of the year is up. :D (worksafe) Read more...Collapse )

sueworld2003 [userpic]
An oldie from me....
by sueworld2003 (sueworld2003)
at December 30th, 2015 (06:05 pm)

A wee bit of seasonal Spander :)...(worksafe) Read more...Collapse )