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The prin-fucking-cess of Norway [userpic]
Advent - Chapter 1
by The prin-fucking-cess of Norway (3hours)
at January 5th, 2014 (08:41 am)
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Setting: Post-NFA, the comics do not exist.
Rating: FRM
Warning: None for now
Disclaimer: The characters are sadly not mine. I just play with them.
Betas: knifeedgefic and spuffy_luvr are invaluable ♥

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teragramm [userpic]
artwork- Wallpaper/Banner- work safe
by teragramm (teragramm)
at January 1st, 2014 (02:15 pm)

Since it's still free for all day, here in the USA, I decided to post one more Spike artwork. Under the cut. Enjoy!

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Rebcake [userpic]
New Fic: Midwinter Plunge
by Rebcake (rebcake)
at December 31st, 2013 (11:10 pm)

Title: Midwinter Plunge
Author: Rebcake
Word Count: 3,300
Rating: PG13
Characters: Spike, “Doyle”, Faith, various bystanders. Any pairings are off-screen, but Spike/Buffy-ish.
Prompt: Spike, Doyle or Faith, Hot Chocolate
Summary: Spike catches a chill while helping the helpless in Angel S5, more or less circa Soul Purpose. Faith knows just how to warm him up.

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teragramm [userpic]
artwork- Wallpaper/Banner- work safe
by teragramm (teragramm)
at December 31st, 2013 (10:16 pm)

Just for fun! (Click on image for larger version.) Enjoy!

 photo lights-2-1.jpg

nmcil12 [userpic]
Graphics - Spike Christmas Ads
by nmcil12 (nmcil12)
at December 31st, 2013 (05:56 pm)

This one is from last year - I did some Christmas Season faux ads.  Spike and Chanel; Elegance and Taste and Beauty all in one awesome vampire.

Graphics - Spike Christmas Chanel

nmcil12 [userpic]
Graphics - New Year Greeting
by nmcil12 (nmcil12)
at December 31st, 2013 (05:43 pm)

Happy New Year to all and thanks to moderators for NoS for another great Christmas Season event.  And Thanks to all the Spike fans for all their wonderful Spike Prezzies; great reading and seeing all the work.

Graphics - Spike Greeting

Ironlily - Making My Marque [userpic]
Snowbound, written by vikingprincess, inspired by art from catvampcrazines
by Ironlily - Making My Marque (vikingprincess)
at December 31st, 2013 (01:58 pm)

And another fic (with art!) from the past of noel_of_spike:

Snowbound - R - Bad boy Spike’s literature professor father William Fyne moves to Deerfield, Massachusetts, to take over a position at Deerfield Academy. Spike resents having to leave London and the entire life he planned to live just before time to take his A-levels, but manages to scrape up some interest in his new life when he meets the next door neighbor, fellow senior Dawn Summers.

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kindredspirit75 [userpic]
Free For All: Spike's Christmas Miracle NC-17
by kindredspirit75 (kindredspirit75)
at December 31st, 2013 (02:31 pm)

A favorite oldie of mine.

Lovely manip by spangels_girl

Title: Spike’s Christmas Miracle
Author: kindredspirit75
Fandom: BtvsAtS-AU
Pairing: Spike/Angel
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Spike receives a very special gift on Christmas Eve.
Warning: Angst, frottage.
Disclaimer: I own nothing and make no money from the characters depicted herein or it’s entities. This is for entertainment only.

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sueworld2003 [userpic]
My contribution for the free-for-all day part 2. :)
by sueworld2003 (sueworld2003)
at December 31st, 2013 (05:11 pm)

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Ironlily - Making My Marque [userpic]
Past noel_of_spike stories by vikingprincess and virtualpersonal
by Ironlily - Making My Marque (vikingprincess)
at December 31st, 2013 (10:34 am)

The fruits of a four-year tradition of writing for noel_of_spike: R-rated Spike/Buffy seasonal romances for you!

No Mistletoe Required - R - Devotees of pornography commission spells designed to "trap" and "keep" special pets for their viewing pleasure. What might happen if one such person trapped Buffy and Spike in a snow globe?

Doubled and Redoubled - R - Agent 0013, William Spike, finds himself inexplicably attracted to Bill Summers on a mission in Taiwan.

The Key to Christmas - R - After the Scoobies finally receive word of the tragic events of NFA, Dawn takes a risk by making a Christmas wish.

*batteries included - R - Before she is Chosen, during the crappiest Christmas night of her life, Buffy dreams a dream of monsters and heroes… and love. But when her hero comes back to haunt her in real life, can they possibly reconcile their differences?