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Fic: A Kind of Man and Effulgence (Two Spuffy Drabbles)
by OKDeanna (okdeanna)
at December 25th, 2012 (06:26 pm)

I've not posted these stories here. I wrote them back in 2007 for Spuffy Haven's Spuffy Solstice. They all have some kind of Christmas theme or mention and they are among the first fics I wrote for the Buffyverse fandom, and Spike/Buffy specifically. :)

First up...

Title: A Kind of Man
Author: okdeanna
Rating: PG
Word Count: 879
Post: Destiny, ATS Season 5
Betas: dusty273 and spikesredqueen
Summary: Spike makes a decision that could change his unlife for good…
Disclaimer: Joss owns ‘em. I’m just borrowing ‘em.

A Kind of Man

“What can I get for you?”

Now that was a right bit of a question, wasn’t it? And Spike had all kinds of tasty little responses for it, too. Trouble was none of them would do him any good now. Well, unless the guy was a warlock or wish granting demon or something.

He eyed the man anew. Could the baldheaded bloke grant wishes? Of course, even if he could, what the hell would Spike wish for anyway? The only thing he wanted was halfway on the other side of the world, probably sexing it up with a new bloke by now, and he couldn’t be the one to take that away from her. Not this time.

If anyone deserved to find a little happiness in this great, big, black hole of a world, it was the Slayer. Buffy. His Buffy. He’d burned himself to give her that freedom, that choice. What kind of man would he be if he took it from her now?

Spike shook his head, calling out a drink order, and cast a cursory glance around the bar. Lot different from The Bronze in Sunnyhell, but as far as demon clubs went, it was all right, he supposed. In an ‘I’d rather get pissed than talk’ kinda way, of course.

“You got a jukebox in this place, mate? Could use some good tunes tonight.” As soon as the bartender pointed out a jukebox in the far corner of the bar, Spike was on his feet and heading toward it. Good thing he’d nicked some pocket change out of Angel’s desk before he left.

He smirked at the thought of the poof’s battered face, and quickly ran down the list of songs. None of them really struck him as being right. Of course, it was hard for anything to feel right when a part of him was still lost in the eyes and words of a girl from a town that no longer existed.

I love you.

Spike frowned, hands gripping both sides of the jukebox.

Did she mean it? He thought she did. He heard her say the words, after all. But… could he trust them? Could he trust her? After everything that happened between them, it seemed impossible. Yet…she was there. With him. Right till the end. If he hadn’t pushed her away in those final seconds, she might’ve even gone down with him…

You faced the monster inside of you and you fought back. You risked everything to be a better man. And you can be. You are. You may not see it, but I do. I do. I believe in you, Spike.

Would she still think that if she knew how hard it had been for him to let her go? To watch her leave? Knowing it was the last time he’d ever get to see her? Talk to her?

However, it wasn’t the last time, was it? He had a chance to see her now. So why hadn’t he taken it? Nothing keeping him here. The poof didn’t need him. None of them needed him.

Did she?

The thought that she might not terrified him. Those last few days in Sunnyhell had been some of the best days of his unlife. Yet he couldn’t be sure how she felt about it. About them.

Yeah, she said the words. Even sounded like she meant them. But had she? Or did she simply tell him what she thought he wanted to hear? Last comfort to a dying man and all that rot.

“Hey, buddy, you going to stand there all day? Some of us want to hear some music, you know.”

Spike growled, shifting into game face, and twisted about, narrowing his eyes on the demon that spoke.
“Keep your knickers on, mate. I’ll get to it when I’m bleeding ready.”

The peace loving Kalvorpak demon’s hands flew up, their owner instantly backing down. “Hey, man, no harm done. I’ll just…wait over there, at my…table, on the other side of the room.”

Spike nodded, anger deflating, and turned his attention back to the jukebox. Taking a quarter out of his pocket, he slid it into the coin slot and carefully chose his song.

As the first bars of I>I’ll Be Home for Christmas</i> filled the room, Spike broke out into a slow, wide smile.

Forgetting his untouched drink at the bar and ignoring the irritated comments of the patrons, Spike swung around and headed for the door, stepping outside into the night. The viper he’d borrowed from Angel sat at the curb a few blocks up, a half tank of gas inside. He grinned, trying to picture the poof’s face when he realized Spike was gone, and that he wasn’t coming back.

Serves the bloke right. If he hadn’t tried to keep him from his girl in the first place, the stupid, bloody git wouldn’t have had to lose his precious car.

Shaking his head, Spike unlocked the driver’s side door and climbed inside. As he started the engine, loud, blaring rock music filled the air. “Now this is more like it.”

Hope you’re ready, pet. ‘Cause the Big Bad is back. And this time, he ain’t giving up until he gets what he wants. Bloody soul and Angel-bear be damned.


Title: Effulgence
Author: okdeanna
Rating: PG
Word Count: 315
Post Chosen, BTVS Season 7; Post Destiny, ATS Season 5
Companion to: A Kind Of Man
Betas: dusty273 and spikesredqueen
Summary: Buffy discovers the true definition of effulgent…
Disclaimer: Joss owns ‘em. I’m just borrowing ‘em.


Flowers came first. Beautiful, white daisies that should have been out of season and weren’t. Willow suspected the petals had Magick in them; Buffy wasn’t so sure she was wrong. But they were beautiful, and they touched a chord within her she thought had vanished long ago.

A dress came next. Tight black, body hugging silk that shimmered when she walked and exposed a bit more of her legs than she would have liked. The gown tied around her neck, dipping low in the back, baring skin from her hairline to the small indention just above her buttocks. Dawn called her a hottie, Xander muttered something about a sex kitten, and Giles, poor Giles nearly had a coronary.

The third gift, the one that settled deep in the pit of her stomach, was a ring. All her friends, and even Dawn, thought it was creepy. But Buffy… she knew the truth. The skull ring had meaning. A very special, very significant meaning. And only one other person in the world would know exactly what that meaning was, and why it, more than anything else, made her smile widen and her eyes flood with tears.

By the time Christmas Eve rolled around six weeks later, Buffy had already received a dozen striking, thoughtful gifts, each one reminding her in some way of the man that sent them. It wasn’t really a surprise when the vampire in question materialized out of the shadows one night, cerulean eyes brimming with hope and happiness, fear and uncertainty.

He held out a hand, waiting for her to accept it—accept him; Buffy didn’t hesitate.
Linking their fingers together, Spike brought her hand up to his lips, caressing her skin with the whisper of a kiss.
“You look beautiful, love. Downright effulgent, in point of fact.”

Effulgent. Yes, that was the word for it.

His return was like the sunrise. Bright, vibrant… effulgent.