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Ironlily - Making My Marque [userpic]
2012 Noel Of Spike Recap Post - December 25-January 5
by Ironlily - Making My Marque (vikingprincess)
at January 1st, 2013 (12:01 am)

2012 Noel of Spike Recap Post - December 17-24


*batteries included by vikingprincess and virtualpersonal - R, Spike/Buffy

The Christmas Tree Fairy by shapinglight - R, Fairy!Vampire!Spike/Fairy!Vampire!Angelus and mention of various pairings

Doubled and Redoubled by virtualpersonal and vikingprincess - Bond/BtVS Fusion - R, Spike/Buffy

Drive-By Christmas Fics by rahirah - Four unrated Spike/Buffy fics on AO3.

A Few From the Vaults by rebcake - Up to and including R, Spike/Drusilla, Spike/Harmony.

Five Things Spike Wants for Christmas by okdeanna. NC-17, Spuffy.

The Gift and The Reunion, by okdeanna. PG and NC-17, respectively; Spuffy.

In Joyful Chorus Raise We by verucasalt123. PG-13, Spike/Lindsey.

The Key to Christmas by vikingprincess and virtualpersonal - R, Spike/Buffy, Dawn, Wesley, Xander

Merry Christmas Childe by devylish - PG-13, Spike/Cordelia drabble series.

The Night Before Christmas by shapinglight - PG, Spike/Dawn

No Mistletoe Required by virtualpersonal and vikingprincess - R, Spike/Buffy

The Revenge of Santa Claus by shapinglight - PG, Spike/Buffy, Illyria

Snowbound by vikingprincess - R, Spike/Dawn

A Special Kind of Man and Effulgence by okdeanna. Two PG Spuffy drabbles.

Spike vs. Santa Claus: The Rematch by shapinglight - PG, Spike/AtS Ensemble

Spike's Christmas Miracle by kindredspirit75 - NC-17, Spike/Angel.

The Sweetest Sin by okdeanna. NC-17, Spuffy.

The Thin Tartan Line by twilightofmagic. Unrated. Spike, Giles.

The Truce by shapinglight - NC-17, Spike/Angel.

The Vamp Around the Corner, 2/3"> and 3 of 3 by rebcake - PG-13, Spike, Buffy, Dawn, Joyce.

Untitled Christmas Schmoop by verucasalt123. PG, Spike/Angel.


sueworld2003" Happy Holidays (Spuffy, worksafe, large)
Silent Night (Spike, worksafe)
Star (Spike, worksafe)
Punk Angel and Mistletoe (Spike, mostly worksafe)
Love and War (Spike/Giles, not really worksafe)

teragramm: Snow Angel (Spike, worksafe)
Happy New Year (Spike, worksafe)

May your 2013 be blessed with happiness, health, and success!