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Fics of Christmas Past

LJ's still pretty cranky, isn't it? I can't get my friends page to load at all and everything else is really slow! But anyway, just sneaking in under the wire with links for the comm to a few old Christmas fics of mine that people might enjoy re-reading.

First, a series of linked fics featuring Spike's ongoing feud with that notorious badass, Santa Claus.

The Night Before Christmas. Spike and Dawn. PG.

Spike vs Santa Claus: the Rematch. Spike and ensemble from AtS season 5. PG.

and finally,

The Revenge of Santa Claus. Spike/Buffy and Illyria. PG.

Then, in a different vein: The Truce. A slashy Christmas tale featuring Spike/Angel and rather a lot of alcohol. NC17.

And last, but by no means least, the reappearance of that other notorious badass, Fairy!Spike, in The Christmas Tree Fairy. Mention of various pairings, including Fairy!Vampire!Spike/Fairy!Vampire!Angelus. R, for some naughty words.

Tags: fairy, fic, nc17, pg, r, shapinglight, spike/angelus, spike/buffy, spike/dawn
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